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Triad Awakening

Meet The Author

Seems I've always loved to read. Growing up in rural Kentucky, the highlight of my summers was when the bookmobile delivered new books to my house each week. During the school year, I spent hours at the public library devouring horror and suspense novels.

As an adult, I've taught Language Arts for fifteen years. Reading and writing with my students has inspired me to finally write my own books. I love opening the door to a world I create and seeing what a spine-tingling events unfold!

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife and three children. I also read (of course) and watch horror movies. My obsession with all things scary led me to write the Triad Trilogy. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I have writing them for you!

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“No,” Somerset interrupts.  I jump a little, startled by his voice breaking in.   “But Fiona has something here.  She says that the entrance drops down about a hundred feet into a main chamber.  It’s crawling with Necropeds.  However, they’ve built a lot of small tunnels that branch off the main chamber and circle back into entrance tunnel.  Some of those are less heavily patrolled.  It is how the Gleaners have been moving in and out.”
“So how do we…” Abruptly, the ground shifts below us, savagely interrupting Naomi’s question.  I am thrown from our little pit out into the open, just beyond the tree.  I look back wildly to see large, decaying hands rupturing the soil below the roots.  Charles is knocked backwards and two more hands emerge from behind him, grabbing his waist. 
They’re here!  Oh God!  I think, as I frantically draw my split staff. Naomi has wriggled free and is standing opposite of me with her lash unfurled.  The other end of her weapon is wrapped around the neck of the largest creature I have ever seen.  The flesh eater is at least eight feet tall.  Its body is brownish-black and reeks of rotted meat.  The thing’s hulking form is broad, but where the muscles are decaying, bone is exposed.  Its face is a skull covered with mostly corroded skin.  Its eyes roll around loosely in their sockets.  The Necroped wears a loincloth of ripped animal hide.  It roars wildly, jerking its neck to and fro, trying to free itself from the lash.  It appears to be all instinct, with little reasoning ability. 
I quickly propel my body forward, flipping in the air.  I whiz above the flesh eater, upside down.  As I pass its head, I drive one of the spikes into its skull.  It sticks with a sickening squishy sound.  The creature collapses to the earth, as Naomi retracts her lash into its cylinder.
“Hagan, these things are strong!” she exclaims.  “I felt like it was going to rip my arms out of their sockets.”
“Hey!  I could, um, use a little assistance here!” Charles cries.  
I turn to see him being shaken from side to side by the other Necroped.  This one appears to be female, but it is as massive and decomposing as the other.  She wears an animal-hide garment, which barely covers her enormous breasts.  The flesh eater has gripped the back of Denton’s uniform and is shaking him like a rag doll.  The zipper of his suit is undone to his navel, revealing his hairless chest.  It is scratched and bleeding.  
Omi shoots the cord of her lash at the flesh eater.  It slices her molded bicep sending slivers of rotted flesh flying through the air.  The creature moans and drops Charles to the ground.  He hits the tangle of roots with a ‘whoomp’.  I twist, flinging my split staff from side to side.  It connects with the monster’s chin, knocking her backwards.  From behind, I sense Charles and duck.  He flies through the air above me, holding his pendulum over his head with both hands.  He sinks the blade of his weapon into the flesh eater’s chest.  She screams, falls backwards, and lands lifelessly on the ground beyond the tree.  

Title: Triad Awakening
Author: Michael Grigsby
Genre: Horror
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Tour Organizer: B3 Tours

Sixteen-year-old Hagan Curtis's life is a total mess-alcoholic single father, recently deceased brother (Robin), and social invisibility-until an eerie encounter with a trio of ghostly sisters reveals he is part of the Triad. Armed with newfound battle skills and wielding his amazing split-staff, Hagan plunges headlong into training. But soon he discovers that membership in the Triad can be lethal as Spectrals, Necropeds, and Feeders from other realms show just how bloodthirsty they can be. As his team plummets deeper into their first mission, Hagan learns that his brother’s death resulted from Robin’s knowledge of the Triad, and those closest to him are keeping dark secrets. Will Hagan survive the terrifying mission to finally untangle the mystery of Robin’s death?

Triad Awakening is the first book in the Triad Trilogy. The Young Adult Horror/Fantasy is Michael Grigsby's debut novel.

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