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Renegade by Cambria Hebert

An Excerpt From Heaven:

Sam stepped around me and held up what he ran to grab. He pressed the button and white foamy spray shot out and covered the trees. The air instantly began to cool as white spray floated around, sticking to the now blackened tree branches and reminding me of snow.

When all the burning ceased, he dropped the red can and turned to me.

“What does it say about me that my boyfriend hauls a fire extinguisher everywhere we go?” I asked.

“That you’re really hot?” he said. I swear there was a hint of a smile on his lips.

“Ha-ha.” I sighed and looked back at the mess. “I tried to stop it.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself.” He said, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“Easy for you to say. You don’t light everything on fire when you’re upset.”

“No, I just morph into a hellhound and run off into the woods.”

A giggle escaped my lips, but then I frowned. It really wasn’t funny. Sam had really great control, but he’d been “disappearing” sometimes lately, and now I knew why.

“But at least I don’t have a potty mouth,” he continued.

“I do not!” I protested.

“I heard what you said a few minutes ago,” he teased.

I sighed. He laughed.

It was a real laugh and it made me do a double take. I hadn’t heard him laugh like that in weeks. Something inside me lightened a little bit.

I reached up and cupped his face. “There’s a sound I haven’t heard for a while.”

“I guess your naughty behavior brings it out of me.” He lifted an eyebrow.

“Well, then perhaps I should be naughty more often.” I pressed my lips lightly against his, and he hooked his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. The front of my body was completely against his without an inch to spare between us. His lips were warm and pliant and they molded themselves to mine in a way they hadn’t in weeks.

God, could that boy kiss. He had a way of stamping out every thought, every whisper, every single thing around us until there was only his lips upon mine. I threaded my fingers through his hair, knotting them in, taking up residence and meaning to stay, when he pulled me away from him and looked at me. He was breathing too hard to speak and his eyes were glittering like the sun. I delved my hands deeper into the tangles of his hair, trying to snatch him back, but he shook me.

“Hev,” he rasped and his voice scratched over me, leaving goose bumps in its wake. How was I supposed to think when he sounded like that?

“Heven,” he said again when I didn’t respond. “We’re on fire.”

Yes. Yes, we were. “I like fire,” I murmured and tried once more to pull him close to me.

This time he untangled my hands and grabbed my wrists. “No, literally. We’re on fire.”

I followed his gaze down.

“Crap!” I yelled and began stomping my feet.

My shoes were practically gone and the ankles of Sam’s jeans were glowing as the fire burned up toward his knees. I dropped down and began slapping at the flames on his legs, making gasping sounds when parts of the fabric came off in my hands.

Finally, I got the flames out and stood, looking down at the damage. My shoes were half melted and Sam looked like a pirate with his jeans completely burned away to his shins, leaving the ends blackened and frayed.

I looked up. “I caught you on fire.”

His lips twitched.

“I caught my boyfriend on fire.”

“I guess it’s a good thing your boyfriend is flame retardant.”

I groaned, but then it turned into a laugh.

Amy's Review:

I have read all the books in the Heaven & Hell series, and in my opinion, this is the best yet. Poor Sam and Heaven never seem to get a break and are still going through all those trials and tribulations, but still manage to keep it together. Add in Cole’s problems, not only the continuing problems with Gemma, but also with Kimber, and Riley’s power lust and his own problems and you have a winning book. I especially loved Heaven and Kimbers interaction; I could totally see it happening if it was possible in our world.

There was a lot of cool action and the book was so intense that I really didn’t want to put it down. This book had me laughing at some points, and I wanted to cry at other points, but that just made me love the book even more. If it weren’t for having to charge my nook, I would have read this book in one sitting, because I didn’t want to stop reading. Cambria you gave us an awesome book with some interesting twists and did an awesome job in writing it. This book definitely deserves five + stars from me. Thank you for letting me read and enjoy this series and especially this book.

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  About the Author:

Cambria Hebert is the author of the young adult paranormal Heven and Hell series and the Death Escorts series. She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens (yes, chickens). She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and children (both human and furry) where she is plotting her next book. You can find out more about Cambria and her work by visiting

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