Friday, May 17, 2013

Show Your Support Kindle Giveaway: Meet Amy Erstad

Today, I am pleased to introduce you to the other half of Fated Paranormals, Amy Erstad. She is an aspiring author, a mom, a wife, and she works as well. She thrives on multi-tasking and I am proud to say she is a good friend. I asked her a few questions and I have her answers which I will post shortly, I also have some of the music she listens to while writing. And here we go........

1.) Why did you decide to start writing?
On a whim, I was talking to a coworker and got inspired, wrote a chapter in a night and decided to keep going.

2.) Have you found any down sides to writing?
Yes. Writer's block, and screaming characters. Sometimes I will go to bed at night, but then I will have to get up after a couple hours of tossing and turning to write, because the characters won't stop or my mind won't shut down.

3.) Where did the inspiration for your story come from?
My story actually started out as a story about mummies, but my story and characters had a mind of their own and it quickly turned into something totally different.

4.) Did you base any of your characters off people you know?
Yes. A couple of my characters are based off of specific people in my life, but some of the characters resemble people with a personality I wish I had, or did have at one point in my life. For example, Keyara has a really fun, outgoing, I don't care what people think personality that I wish I would have had as I was growing up.

5.) Do you plan on writing a trilogy, series, or just a standalone?
I have it set in my head to make this book into a trilogy, but plans may change. I am letting the story take me where it will, so I will find out as the story goes along.

6.) What is your super power?
My super power would be mind reading. I have always been a nosy type of person, wanting to know what people think, why they think that way, who they are thinking about, what led to this or that, and all those types of questions. I figure if I am going to have a power, It would be awesome to have one that is going to answer all the questions constantly running through my mind when I am talking to people.

7.) What is your writing "thing", do you write to music, or prefer silence...etc?
I am a multi-tasker. I usually watch tv or listen to music while I write; however, sometimes that is also my downfall. I will get distracted easily, especially when I am thinking hard to try to figure out what I want to write next.

8.) What is your favorite genre and why?
My favorite genre is definitely paranormal. It can be paranormal romance or fantasy or even horror. I love reading books that can take me to a different place. Books that can make me believe in the impossible. I love books that can make me laugh and that have enough depth that I can see what I am reading, as if I am there in the story.

9.) Who is your favorite author and have they had influence on your writing?
Amanda Hocking. I love her stories. As I read her books, I fell in love with them. I could see all the characters interacting before me and I could imagine everything I was reading, wishing it were real.

10.) And last but not least, if you could be anything in the world, real or imagined what would you be and why?
Humm, very good question, and very hard at the same time. I guess the one thing I have been imagining lately would be to become well known author that has written some awesome books. While this may be a plan for some, I wish to be able to influence those who have dreams. While it was never my dream to write and publish an awesome book, up until January of this year, I want that for my life now. I want those that are going through bad times, or those that think they can't do something to know that you can. It doesn't have to be a life long dream, but as long as you dream it, it can be done. I want to be a good influence on someone to show them persistence pays off. I also want to influence people to treat everyone with respect, because those people could grow up to be the very person they admire the most.

Amy's Music
This is really just a few of the songs she might listen to while writing.

As for television or movies, I really didn't ask. I do know she likes The Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead. She enjoys playing video games on their Xbox, I believe she is a fierce zombie killer. And that brings to a close my little page for Amy. I truly hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did making it. I will leave you all with this thought; never, ever give up on your dreams, follow them as far as they take you and remember one good friend can help take you there when you need a boost!!


  1. Good luck with your writing, Amy--and those screaming characters and Xbox zombies. ;) They are pesky little critters. I wish you all the best.

  2. Lol. Yes they are, but I think after they have had their say, they will be happy for a little while. Thank you for your support Juli, I appreciate it. Thank you for stopping by and visiting us and gl.