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Saint Sloan By Kelly Martin Blog Tour

The day before Sloan Bridges turns eighteen, her dream of having a perfect birthday is shattered. Home alone after spending the afternoon working on a science project at the new boy’s house, Sloan is brutally attacked in her kitchen by a man she can’t recognize. The only clue she has to go on is what he whispers in her ear, “You deserve this.”

The police have one suspect—Aaron Hunter, older brother of ‘the new boy’, who picked Sloan up a few nights before as she ran from a party. Adamant that he didn’t do it, Aaron begs Sloan to believe him. For her part, Sloan doesn’t know who to trust. She never saw her attacker’s face, and when she does picture it, it’s Aaron’s face she sees standing over her.

Trying to move on is impossible with a former best friend who taunts her and gives her the moniker, “Saint Sloan”, an ex-boyfriend who doesn’t understand why she changed a few months before her attack, and Aaron’s brother, Ray, who makes Sloan smile but has a side she doesn’t understand.

With her attacker ready to strike again, Sloan has to figure out who would hurt her and stop him before he finishes what he started.

Happy birthday to her….

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“That’s a good question.” Aaron’s voice boomed from the
kitchen entryway. Sloan jumped when she heard it. Ray said he
slept until ten, and it was barely eight. Friday night she had been so
appreciative of him. Now, thanks to the testimonies of others, she
was nervous to see him.
He looked tired with messy hair, wrinkled navy blue work
pants, and a day--‐‑old beard. Despite herself, she couldn’t take her
eyes off him, specifically his lack of a shirt. Aaron had his arms
crossed over his well--‐‑built chest and leaned on the door facing.
“Why didyou tell Miss Sloan to stay away from me, brother?”
Sloan tore her eyes away from Aaron’s biceps in time to see
Ray lean back in his chair and cross his arms as well, almost as if
accepting a challenge. “Because, brother, for all of your good
qualities, you can still be a jerk sometimes.”
“Runs in the family.” Aaron smirked as he walked into the
room and grabbed a paper plate. He piled the last remaining pieces
of pizza on it and got a soda from the fridge. He turned a seat
around and sat at the head of the table next to Sloan, putting her
smack dab in the middle of them.“What ya working on?”
Sloan forced her eyes to stay on his and not venture down
his very long, very muscular, very kissable…“Biology,” she said
quickly. “We’re studying biology.”Don’t look at his neck… don’t look
at his neck.
Kj's Review

  Sloan was a party girl, was sleeping with her boyfriend, and then she was saved. Becoming a Christian she  has stopped her earlier behavior and was working on becoming a better person. Trouble being, the people she used to hang around didn’t feel exactly the same, and made her life miserable. Then the day when everything became the worst ever; she is attacked and everyone is blaming Aaron Hunter, as that’s who was over her when she regained consciousness. She needs to figure it out because it’s making her a mess, and the danger just isn’t gone.
  I truly liked this book, it’s a good example of what can happen when someone tries to change their life. Not to the degree Sloan went through, but when people try to change, especially for religious purposes, I think there is always some degree of persecution. I would like to see this book given to high school kids as recommended reading as I believe it’s a good example of bullying and the issues that stem from it. Everyone needs to know that bullying happens constantly. Overall I give it 4 stars and give kudos to Ms. Martin on a very well told story. Thank you for giving me this book to read and review, I enjoyed it.

Meet The Author:

Kelly Martin is a best selling author of young adult fiction. She has two books: Grace Award nominee CROSSING THE DEEP and Amazon Best selling in Teen/Religion SAINT SLOAN. She has several short stories published and loves to write ‘twitter fiction’ when she’s bored. Kelly loves God, is addicted to chocolate, and would rather write than sleep.

You can find her on twitter (she tweets a lot): Twitter

You can find my author page (blog tour central): at Kelly's Blog


  1. This book sounds very interesting. And I like the cover!

  2. It was very good, I loved reading it!! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Saint Sloan is a great read. I would definitely recommend it to teens as it covers the subject of bullying very well.

  4. Saint Sloan is a well written book. You feel the pain that Sloan goes though, as she is bullied and attacked. She has a knack for bringing her characters to life. Keep on writing, can't wait for more!