Saturday, March 16, 2013

Love & Blood by Jessica Gibson

 Jessica has given us yet another awesome book, so check out our review!
This story looks like a classic love triangle...but it isn't. Bronwyn loves two men, Ronan, her sire who kills viciously, and Rider, who feeds only on evil. Doesn't sound like much of an issue but for Browyn the pull to Ronan is irrestible and distresses her as she is trying to stay with Rider. Add in some werewolves and fae and you have an irrestible paranormal story. I do have to say I loved the story, the addition of Carly, Brock and Tucker only made this even more interesting.
I am truly wanting more at the end of this book, can't wait to see what's going to happen next! Ms. Gibson did a great job with this book. Thanks for giving me the book to read and review! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good vampire story. 

We also had a few questions for Jessica and just knew we had to share her awesome answers with all of her fans. 

1. Is what Ronan and Bronwyn have true love or is it just a bond between them as he made her?
That’s sort of a hard question to answer. I guess it would all depend on who you were asking lol. Ronan loves her, but its borderline obsession. He’s not used to people saying no. Bronwyn loves Ronan as well, he was her first love, the one she could never forget. With them, it was never a matter of not loving each other. It was a matter of being able to accept who the other was.

2. There are wolves, fae, and vampires in your book, if you had to choose the dominant race who would it be and why? 
For this book, I would for sure say the vampires are the dominant race only insofar as they are the main characters. But then again, I’m not sure that they are any more dominant than the wolves or fae. They all have something they bring to the table.

3. Who influenced you the most in your life as a writer? 
Hmmm..... I think I’d have to say LK Rigel, Melissa Lummis, Lola James, and DC Hall. I tend to surround myself with some amazing people. I learn something new from them every time they critique my work. I have grown so much since I started writing.

4. What books would we find on your shelves and/or your ereader? Well, right now I’m reading an ARC of Kiss Me Hello by Lk Rigel, and then onto The Grishma by Kelly Anne Blount. But anything romance or paranormal is what I read.

5. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement thus far? My greatest achievement I think was marrying my husband. I lucked out, he’s pretty dang amazing, and he makes my heart race after 12 years together. He was the one who encouraged me to write.

6. Do you pattern any of your characters after people you know? Not really no. I find it’s easier to create personalities than to write about people I know. Plus, I don’t want my friends guessing at who they are in the books lol.

7. Have you ever had writer's block and if so how did you deal with it?
I think every writer gets it occasionally. I usually hop to another project when I get stuck on one. I never want it to feel forced, so it’s easier to work on something else until I get an idea.

8. Do you have any writing rituals and would you share them with us?
 Lol no. I just write whenever I can. It’s usually at night when the house is quiet.

Now that you got the scoop on just how good the book is and got to learn more about Jessica, head on over and get your own copy and follow her around with the links below.


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