Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fate and Fury by Quinn Loftis

Fate and Fury by Quinn Loftis

Check out the awesome interview with Jen and Decebel - One you definitely do not want to miss.

Q: Hi Jen and Decebel. Thank you for taking time out of your schedules to chat with me.
J: “Well, it’s not like we have anything going on, I mean Dec is in hell, I’m pregnant and the Fates want my kid. It’s like the dullest life imaginable.” *throws her hands up in frustration*
D: “Easy baby”.*pats Jens leg*
Q: “I do hate to hear that you all are going through so much. And since I know you are quite busy let’s just jump right in. How are you feeling about being a mom?”
*I notice a subtle glow come over Jen’s face, and I can see the joy in her eyes.*
J: “I’m not real sure how I’m feeling. It’s like when you get on a ride at Six Flags and you’re so pumped. Then the ride starts to move and you begin to feel that little seed of apprehension in your stomach and you begin to think maybe this wasn’t my brightest plan but then you get to the top of the first huge hill and you can see the whole park and it’s beautiful, until you look forward and realize that now that you have climbed up, you must go down, right about then you are really wishing there was an emergency exit, but then you start to plummet and your stomach is in your throat and you can’t scream because there is no air in your lungs..”
D: “Jennifer, breathe.” *Jen is leaning forward now, her hand on his leg bracing herself and Dec is rubbing her back*
J: “Sorry about that, I have these little moments every now and then where I just need to um, like, flip the hell out and then I’m okay.”
Q: “Do you need more time to flip or are you good?”
*She holds her finger out to me and takes a few deep breaths*
J: “Okay I’m good. So basically, I’m terrified, thrilled, excited, terrified and so happy about our baby.”
Q: “You’ve summed up every new mothers feelings, so no worries you are not a weirdo.”
J: *snorts* well at least not for that reason.
Q: *chuckle* And she’s back.
J: *holds out her fist to me and I bump it* What else you got Red?”
Q: “Decebel, I know you are in a tight spot,”
J: *stares me down* “Correction Q, you have put him in a tight spot”
Q: *I hold up my hand* “Guilty, I have put him in a tight spot. After you found out about Jen and your baby, how have you been coping with the stress of being in the In-Between and knowing that if you get out you still have to figure out a way to save your little girl?”
D: *takes Jen’s hand in his and pulls her closer to him* “I can only solve one problem at a time Quinn.  There are no words for how happy I am that Jennifer carries my child and When I get out of the In-Between, I will save our baby girl.”
J: *after accepting Dec’s kiss on her forehead she turns to me* “Maybe you ought to write that down so you remember that he said he WILL save her Q. K?”
Q: *smile politely* “I heard him Jen.”
J: “Just so we’re clear.”
Q: “So let’s just fast forward for the readers, and let’s just say that everything works out. The guys get out, Decebel saves the baby, and for a time there is peace? What then?”
J: “Okay first of all there better be a hell of a lot more peace than just for a time” *uses finger quotes* “that said,  then I will get what every woman my age gets , to well and truly flip out at being 18, married and pregnant.” *looks over at Decebel* “Not that I would change it for anything B, you know that right?”
D: “I know baby, but you are young and so much has happened so fast.”
J: “Right? I mean six months ago I never knew I would grow a tail and have the very real possibility of needing flea protection…for myself!”
*I’m laughing, Decebel is chuckling and shaking his head.*
D: “Why with the fleas again?”
J: “Sorry” *shrugs* “habit. But really Red, we are going to take some time and fix up the nursery, and I’m going to make Decebel build a crib and changing table and then he is going to practice changing diapers, like, all the time.”
D: *looks at Jen* “Don’t you think you should practice as well?”
J: *shakes head* “Nope.”
D: “Why not?”
J: “Because I will be busy.”
D: *waits for her to elaborate and finally rolls his eyes* “With what?”
J: *grins at me and winks* “My breeding program.”
*I choke back a laugh as Decebel’s eyes widen*
D: “Please elaborate love.”
J: “I’m going to be busy helping Jacque, Sally, Crina, and Elle track the moon during the month so that they will know when to get freaky with their men so that their chances of having male’s is greater.”
*I’m rolling. Decebel is frowning*
D: “Why,” *clears throat* “do you feel it’s necessary to ensure they have males and why is it your job to handle this exactly?”
J: *rolls her eyes* “Well other than the obvious, hello, I’m me, who else would know this kind of stuff? But the other reason is because I want our baby girl to have a strong, smart mate, not to mention hot, so I figure our best chances at this point are with Costin, Sorin, Adam and Fane. That’s the hand I’ve been dealt and although it does have a Joker, somehow I will win the pot.”
*at this point I have to take a pee break because I’m laughing too hard for more questions*
D: *staring at his mate dumbfounded*
J: “Thanks for having us Q, but I think I’ve traumatized my man so I think we better call it a day.”
Q: “Thank you both for taking time to talk with me.”
*As they stand and start to walk out of the room Jen turns back to me.*
J: “Just and FYI Q, if you don’t get your ass in gear and start writing us out of this mess I’m not responsible for my actions and your life will become one of those movies that starts with the words Based on true events on the screen.”* shrugs * “Just sayin.”



  1. Not a problem thank you so much for the awesome interview from Jen and Dec.