Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shannon Eckrich Author Interview

Other Side Of Forever Interview

I was lucky enough to catch up to the very busy Shannon Eckrich and ask her a few questions. Here is what she had to say:

1. What or who inspired you to write the Other Side of Forever?

Okay, so don't laugh, but Twilight officially inspired me to write Other Side of Forever. The funny thing is a friend recommended the book to me, but I kept putting it off because I wasn't really into vampires. I mean, I like Bram Stoker and Anne Rice, but I only watched their movies, not read their books (shh...don't tell anyone). But then Twilight came out on DVD, so I got kind of curious as to what all the hype was about. Let's just say I was hooked by the end of the movie.

I then purchased all the books, read them a hundred times over, and decided I wanted to write my own story. You know, create my own world, my own characters, and end a story the way I want it to end.

I guess I would say the rest is history.

2. There's quite a bit of magic in your book, do you believe in magic and why?

In Other Side of Forever it's more about energy than magic. Everything is energy in the the mortal and immortal world. And, it's also a part of our everyday world. Normally, we can feel if someone gives off good or bad vibes, and we know whether we should engage with that person or to stay away. Those vibes are energy. We can also use the energy around us to heal others or to heal ourselves. I'm certified in Reiki 1, which is the art of using the universal energy flow to heal. Reiki has opened up so many new doorways for me. Doorways that I never knew existed.

But, since you asked about magic, yes, I believe in magic. It's all around us, but everyone is in such a rush, that only a majority of us slow down enough to see it, to feel it. Magic and energy are in the same category to me. Energy creates magic. 

3. What is your absolute have to have favorite book?

I actually have a couple of favorite books. Right now it's Wintergirls, Before I Fall, and Alyson Noel's Riley Bloom series. Of course, I'm still adding to my list.

4. Were the characters Allie and Ethan patterned after people you know?

Yes and no. When we first meet Allie, she's kind of lost in the world, an outsider. Sure she has friends, but she can't get over the fact that she's different. I think we all feel that way at some point in our life, especially in our teen years. So Allie's feelings are patterned after how I felt in high school and what I see in the young adults today.

Ethan isn't really patterned after anyone in particular, but his body is similar to my husband's build(I know, you're probably laughing right about now), but I have this weakness for broad shoulders and strong facial features. I don't like the tall, lanky type. That does nothing for me.

5. What and/or who has been the greatest influence on your writing?

I would have to say everyone who stood behind me in the beginning. You guys know who you are!

6. Do you go into "Allie & Ethan's world" when writing about them? If so is it hard to come back to the "real world"?

Yes, yes, yes! When I go into my characters world, I zone everything else out. My kids will try to ask me questions or talk to me and I just nod. I don't think I ever fully come back to the real world. I play out scenes in my head constantly. Even while I'm driving down the road.

7. Why did you want to become an author?

I had no intentions of becoming an author at first, I was just looking for a way to escape everyday life. An outlet, so to speak. But once I finished the first draft of Other Side of Forever, I thought I might as well go all the way.
8. Some days I feel like books are my best friends, do you ever feel this way? And why?

Books are always my best friends. They don't lie, they don't cheat, and they take you on a journey without crowding you. And they don't get angry when you scream at them, which is always a plus!

9. What advice would you give to others wanting to become authors?

Follow your dreams!

Many thanks to Shannon for the interview and we look forward to more from you in the future!!!

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