Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Burn Out

Title- Burn Out
By- Ruthi Kight 
Genre- New Adult 
Publication Date- August 10th, 2013 

Pyromaniac. Murderer. Burn out.

Ten years ago Delia’s life went up in smoke. Literally.

After a decade of hiding, she is forced back into the world.

With only her wits to guide her, she must now figure out how to live in a town that knows her only as a murderer.

Her family is gone. The people all fear her. She has nothing holding her in Sunny Shores...until she meets Liam.

He’s heard the stories. He knows he should stay away from her, but he’s drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

Life seems to be looking up for them...until her past comes back like a bitch slap to the face.

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*****Kj's Review*****
 Somehow as I read the story, I never believed Delia was a pyromaniac nor did I believe that she had killed her parents. Seeing that she couldn’t remember so much after 10 years; maybe I am just a sucker and wanted to believe the best no matter what. When she met Liam my radar went up a little but I relaxed too soon in thinking that he was just a really good guy. Can we say that this story twisted away from my rational thinking every time? 
 It was a wonderfully written story that kept my interest at all times. Kudos to Ms Kight for confounding my rational thoughts. I recommend this book highly as I thoroughly enjoyed it, including the ending. I agree with the author, any other ending would never have done!! I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Meet The Author

Ruthi Kight currently lives in her hometown of Columbia, SC, with her fiancé and five year old daughter. She has an unhealthy addiction to books, music, and chocolate, but not necessarily in that order. When her dream of being a rock star didn't work out, she focused on her other passion: writing. She is the author of Knotted Roots, a YA Coming of Age story, and is currently working on two other novels that are due out this year.

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