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Vitality Blog Tour

Series-Proximity Book # 3 
By-M.A. George
Expected Publication Date-July 16th, 2013 

Palta learned long ago not to expect a “normal” life.  She’d settle for one free of close encounters with supernaturally-gifted homicidal maniacs.

Apparently that’s too much to ask.

Join your favorite Onontian royal family, as they settle into life at the palace...only don’t get too comfortable, because things are about to take a hair-raising turn.

Vitality is the gripping third installment in the Proximity series.

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~~Kj's Review~~
I love the fact that these books start up where the others left off, so we have no lag time and can jump right in again. There is still a huge threat to the government and it isn't going away any time soon,as are they having an issue locating him. Palta wants to live her life, maybe not normally but geez a girl has to have some fun. Of course as always shes gets into trouble and needs saving, but this time the saving comes from a place nobody expected.
 I love this series, I have been invested in it since the first paragraph of Proximity. I would love to know so much more about all of the main characters, there is is so much to imagine here for me. M.A. George has done a beautiful job creating a world that we all have come to love. Palta is an in your face type of person who stirs up emotion in everyone....reader included. I want to thank Ms George for giving me her book to read and review, it has been my honor. These books will be on my favorites list forever, I can see myself reading and rereading for years to come.

We have a guest post today M.A. George's top ten quotes from the Proximity Series

            As a general rule in life, I try not to take myself too seriously.  Fortunately, my lead characters and I seem to see eye-to-eye on that matter.  Even when things are looking pretty grim, none of us can seem to keep our wise-cracking yaps shut.  Thus practically all of my favorite quotes and passages from the Proximity series are at least a little on the snarky side.  I might throw in one serious one, just to prove I’m capable of writing something profound.  Wait a second, maybe “profound” is too strong a word…I’m not quite sure I can live up to that promise.  I had best get on with the quotes, before I dig myself a hole I’ll never get out of…Enjoy! J
1)      Vitality
            “Sometimes small sacrifices are necessary to incite great change.” He shrugged it off as an inconsequential detail.
            “‘Small sacrifices?’” I fluttered an incredulous blink.  “Wow…You have officially solidified yourself as the greatest asshole who ever lived.”
            “Speaking of sacrifices…” He seemed to be growing tired of our lovely conversation.  “I suppose you’re aware why you’re here.”
            “No, actually,” my eyes shifted curiously about the room.  “I must have missed the sacrificial alter on the way in.”    

2)      Relativity
            I didn’t intend it to come out sarcastically, but I guess that’s just where my tone of voice automatically goes these days.

3)   Vitality
            “I do not see the appeal of this ridiculous frivolity…”  He scowled as only Nangí could do, when surrounded by rowdy merriment.
            “How piously nonconformist of you,” I rolled my eyes.  “Am I going to have to flap my arms and cluck like a chicken?”
            “As usual, I have no idea what you mean by that…but for Heaven’s sake, no,” he eyed me sternly.  “Don’t do whatever it is you’re so benevolently offering to do.”

4)      Relativity
            “Let me rephrase the question…”  He made a show of clearing his throat, crossing his arms in front of him.  “Whom do you not sense in the area?”
            “You have lost the right to ask me any questions, old man,” I snarled through clenched teeth, teetering on my good leg as I hobbled to a nearby tree.  “I’m done being a pawn in whatever sick agenda you have.  Phrase the question any way you like…The answer will still be ‘Kiss my ass.’”

5)      Relativity
            “Safeguard your weaknesses, for your enemy will always use them against you.  But more importantly …”  He raised a single bony finger, waving it rhythmically to the cadence of his words.  “Safeguard your true strengths.  If he knows not what you are capable of, he will always underestimate you.”  He fixed his unflinching eyes on mine.  “And you are not to be underestimated.”

6)      Proximity
            I carefully lined up the first target and squeezed the button that functioned as a trigger.  It was a direct hit, but it left me with spots in my eyes from the intense blue flash.  “What the heck is the benefit in that?!” I griped, turning back to face Aeron.  “How am I supposed to hit the next target if I’m half blind?”  I blinked feverishly to regain my full sight as he stepped toward me.
            “Sorry, that’s my fault,” he cringed.  “I neglected to tell you to keep your eyes focused on the distant target.  Try not to look down at the barrel.”
            “Anything else I need to know about?” I jokingly harassed him.  “Are my arms going to fall off if I don’t push the button the right way?”
            “No,” he chuckled.  “Your arms only fall off if you forget to say the magic words first.”
            “Something like, ‘Die, you rebel punk bastards’?…”  I proposed.
            “That’ll work…”  He stepped back with a wink.

7)   Vitality
            “Tiresome girl,” Nangí droned a sigh.  “You’ll never be silenced about this if I refuse to demean myself alongside the rest of you lot.”
            “I said I was giving up,” I maintained.  “You won’t hear another peep about it.”  I ceremoniously zipped my lips.  He soberly shook his head, clearly not believing I had it within me to keep my yap shut.  One of the officers stepped to Nangí’s side, presenting safety pads in one hand and a deceleration belt in the other.  Nangí scowled at him, seemingly disgusted by the insinuation that he was as pathetic as the rest of us, actually requiring tools to survive a five thousand foot drop.

8)      Vitality
            “You realize you make it next to impossible to give you a heartfelt ‘thank you’?”  I scraped the tenacious mud from my hands and flung it to the ground with a splat. 
            “You realize sentimentality makes me ill to my stomach?”  His nose wriggled with a sickened grimace.  “People tend to be thankful when someone saves their life…Consider your gratitude automatically implied.”
            “Well, I don’t like to come across as unappreciative, old man.  So take a deep breath and try not to upchuck…”  I cleared my throat, my expression shifting to genuine sincerity.  “Thank you, Nangí.  Thank you for rescuing me…on more than one occasion.”  It was all over his face that I was giving him the heebie-jeebies, but he stood his ground in front of me.  I opened my mouth to continue, and a discontented groan escaped him.  “Settle down, I’m almost finished,” I rolled my eyes.  “I just want to thank you in advance for all the times you’ll undoubtedly save my hide before all is said and done.”
            “Good, get it all out of the way up front.”
9)   Vitality
            I whipped my head in that direction, but I saw nothing unexpected.  All the same, I froze in my position, straining for the sound of footsteps.  I heard nothing but the pulse of my own heartbeat throbbing feverishly in my ears.  I didn’t dare utter a sound…Stupid people in scary movies always whimper a quivering “Wh-Who’s there?”, just before some psychopath appears and dismembers them with a chainsaw. 

10)   Vitality
            I let out a perturbed sigh.  It was approaching a hundred Earth-years since I last fell from a cliff, and yet somehow my father still thought I couldn’t be trusted.  As I opened my mouth to protest, Aeron’s gentle hand came to rest upon my knee.  “Perhaps circumstances have made your father a little over-protective,” he whispered calmly.  “I’m sure he means well by it…Besides, it’s not every day you get to torment Nangí into flinging himself off a cliff,” he chuckled softly, grazing my ear with a quick kiss.
            I relaxed my tense expression, turning to meet Aeron’s amused eyes.  “You really think we can get him to jump with us?” As I considered the thought, a smile spread across my lips.  I could never have envisioned the “old” Nangí falling mid-air…but this more youthful version might be surprisingly up to the challenge.  Aeron chuckled softly, entertained by my enthusiasm for harassing Nangí.  I turned to call over my shoulder, knowing I’d be once again speaking to the back of his unkempt head.  “You know, come to think of it, Nangí…Father did say something about wanting you to stay within five feet of me at all times.  I sure hope those robes don’t create too much wind drag.”

You have to love the fact that these characters spout off or wisecrack at any given makes them so realistic. Love these quotes as well, I love the way they interact with each other. M.A. George has a wonderful gift of making her characters as real as you or I, that's one of the reasons I so enjoy these books.

Meet M.A.George

M. A. George is part proud mother of two adorable children, part super top secret agent…Oops, probably just lost that job.

Writing is what keeps her up into the wee hours of the night.  Fortunately, she has a lot of energy (Read: caffeine is her friend).  She has a bit of an obsession with music (It does a fantastic job of tuning out rambunctious children while she attempts to focus).

She sincerely hopes people out there enjoy reading her work as much as she enjoys writing it.  And if anyone hears of work for a super top secret agent, she’s now available (Discretion guaranteed…).

Get news and updates on her latest work (including the continuation of the Proximity series) by visiting her blog at:
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